10 Best Japanese Dating Sites (2022)

The Japanese have never been shy of love confessions, or as it is colloquially called in Japan- “kokuhaku”. It is no surprise then that Valentines’ Day is a pretty big deal in this land of the rising sun, and there is no lack of dating sites in this country to cater to the growing demands of those seeking love online. From amongst the large number present, we have enlisted the top 10 Japanese dating sites that are the best and the most popular. These dating sites have been featured here based on their appeal, ease of use, and the services they offer. Some of these Japanese dating sites incorporate the use of technology and psychology to make sure that they offer nothing but the best to their members when it comes to matchmaking. Of course, most of these sites offer the basic platform for connecting singles, but their service and user-friendly navigation has earned them a spot in the list of top 10.

Site Reviews Ratings Webites
JapanCupid.com 5.0 / 5.0 Join Free
AsianDating.com 4.6 / 5.0 Join Free
EliteSingles.com 4.5 / 5.0 Join Free
Match.com 4.2 / 5.0 Join Free
TrueLoveJapan.com 4.0 / 5.0 Join Free
eharmony.com 3.8 / 5.0 Join Free
Cupid.com 3.6 / 5.0 Join Free
Mingle2.com 3.5 / 5.0 Join Free
JapanPassions.com 3.0 / 5.0 Join Free
OkCupid.com 3.0 / 5.0 Join Free

#1 JapanCupid.com

japan cupid

Started in the year 2005, this Japanese dating site has garnered more than 700,000 members ever since its inception. It has connected Japanese single to people from around the world, earning the reputation of one of the most trusted and fun dating sites in Japan. Membership on Japan Cupid is free of cost and members can join with their Facebook accounts as well, making connectivity easier. The sign-up procedure is simple and apart from the basic email and Instant messaging options, the site has added features of video chat and a free mobile application for android. The navigation, once you sign up is easy to follow. The site can be accessed in ten different languages, proving there is no boundary when it comes to finding love. Not having iOS compatibility is quite a disappointment.

#2 AsianDating.com

asian dating

This site has been around for over a decade now. It really doesn’t require much in terms of validation given its endorsement by 2.5 million plus members, all of whom have the option of over a million photos to browse through, to find their perfect match! Free to join and considered a safe platform for singles to meet and engage, Asian Dating is part of the bigger franchise Cupid Media. Contrary to the name, the Asian dating site sees an active participation from the US and Europe along with their Asian counterparts from Thailand and China. With more than 18 language options, Asian Dating has a strong presence globally, allowing for a bigger dating field for the Japanese. The ease of joining and the options from a global dating pool attracts more and more Japanese crowd each year to this site. This dating application is available free for android users along with video chat options.

#3 EliteSingles.com

elite singles

As a Japanese dating site, it scores big in venturing into the niche of matching singles specifically in the US. Taking Japanese dating to a whole new level, EliteSingles checks and verifies the profiles of each single candidate manually, to ensure that only people seriously seeking love are accepted. Use of psychological tests to achieve accurate and intelligent match making is also brought into play, along with other factors like income, education, etc. Joining this site is simple and easy and includes dating tips and relationship advice. The site claims a success rate of 8 percent, 1 match made every 8 minutes! This just goes on to prove that the Japanese don’t take love lightly and are very serious about their role in match making.

#4 Match.com


I can understand why the Japanese love this dating site so much. The sheer number of members could be one reason. This includes members from most countries that I can think of! With advance search filters that help you narrow down your search based on lifestyle, background/values and keywords, this Japanese dating site customizes your dating experience to save time and effort. To make the dating experience even more fun, the site has features to mutually match you along with provisions to reverse match you. In the case of a reverse match, the site throws in details of people who are looking for someone with qualities just like yours. So, in case you missed out on spotting your perfect match, that person would instead spot you. Free to join, this site is precise in its navigation so you only look for what you want. The only drawback is the pop up window that doesn’t allow you to navigate through the site before making your mind whether you really want to join. But if you are seriously in the lookout for love, this is but a small hassle.

#5 TrueLoveJapan.com

true love japan

Of all the Japanese dating sites I have come across, this by far is one that has impressed me the most. The site is dedicated to helping Japanese singles find love in the comfort of their home town. In its attempt to keep the experience as private and safe as possible, prospective members are required to present a photo ID as proof. Once your identity is verified, you also have the option of searching for your soul mate in specific cities in Japan. From Tokyo to Osaka, Okinawa to Hokkaido, Kyoto to Okayama, this Japanese dating site is well organized, fun to navigate and just classy. The site can be accessed both in English and the native Japanese. Non-availability of other languages is one drawback, along with the joining restriction for some high fraud risk countries. But for the rest of you, you can join here to either look for love or seek a Japanese friend. If you are travelling to Japan, you can even join in just to be able to meet the locals and learn their language. True to its tag line, the sites’ mission is to help those in Japan to connect!

#6 eHarmony.com


Japanese are known for their precision no matter what area you consider. And very few Japanese dating sites are as precise and dedicated as eHarmony when it comes to the art of finding love. This site has its own Compatibility Matching System backed by a patent! Each match, as the company professes, is put through 29 dimensions of evaluation to pick the perfect match. Dating doesn’t get more technical than that. The aim of eHarmony is to cut off the hassle and trouble that Japanese singles go through when faced with an overwhelmingly large pool of options to choose from. They do this by making sure that, while you have diverse personalities to choose from, there is filtering of only those people who match your wave length. Joining is free like most sites, but you can get an upgrade at a cost of US$40 and get your personality profile built. This helps in further narrowing down the list to meet your exact preference. This concept surely must work, as there are over 44 million members already at eHarmony.

#7 Cupid.com


This dating site is simple, easy to navigate and knows what it’s here for. One of the few apps to be made compatible for iPhone rather than just android, the message from this site is simple- they are here to help the Japanese singles find true love. The service is free and anyone can join. The simplicity of making a move or stopping unwanted attention in this site is very appealing. The whole idea of Cupid.com is to make the dating experience fun and exciting for the single souls in Japan. They engage their members by providing fun blog posts about dating and relationships. There are occasional fun tips to guide you in your dating journey along with ideas on impressing your future soul mate, updates on fashion and other trivia related to relationships, dating, etc. This site has found mention in some of the leading print media like the Daily Mail, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Glamour, etc. Cupid.com really must be as good as it claims to be if such big wigs can’t stop talking about them!

#8 Mingle2.com


I have to say; this Japanese dating site stands out. Not only because it is absolutely free, but more so because it makes dating for Japanese singles as easy and convenient as you could possibly ask for. One big reason why it is so popular and hence made it to our list of Top 10 Best Japanese Dating Sites, is because it doesn’t require you to register to browse through the site. You do not require to provide your details or sign up just to see through the profiles, thereby giving you the freedom to decide whether you really want to join Mingle2.com or not. One can browse and run through the home page with all the active members and click on any profile to get their basic details. The flip side could be that anyone can have a look through your profile. No personal or confidential information is disclosed however on this page. You only get to know enough about a person to help you decide whether you want to sign up and connect with them. Otherwise you are free to choose against joining. This takes away the unnecessary trouble of registering with a site you don’t like but were unable to judge so before joining. The options to pick matches in specific cities and the easy cruising within the site has got it the reputation as one of the favourite Japanese dating sites. The site is not linked to Facebook, which could be seen as a major drawback in most parts of the world, but given Japan is not as active a Facebook player as some others, this too isn’t of much concern to the Japanese. Some may say the website is very plain and unattractive, but the simplicity it offers far outweighs the lack of looks as seen on the first few pages.

#9 JapanPassions.com

japan passions

Japan Passions is one of the top 10 best Japanese dating sites for a reason. The site features a bundle of services and options that are aimed at end number of people. First of all, you can connect with Facebook, which is a big plus for those seeking love from outside of Japan. But besides that, Japan Passions, has something for everyone. You can seek to find love here or you can register for free and make use of the several options other than dating, that come with this site. The Japanese love it because they can network with like-minded people, be part of specific groups and have discussions, or just interact with fellow members on topics that interests both parties. There is even an option to just share details about your passion and hobbies and meet other people with the same liking. This amiable platform eases the pressure of only focusing on dating, and makes way for an approach to finding your partner, that is a lot more fun and smooth. You get a forum where you can have your activity details and list of friends. Being a part of this site also comes with the benefit of networking with over 260 plus niche social networking and dating sites. This dating site is very engaging in its looks and even more alluring for the different means it offers to connect the Japanese singles. Along with the basic photo browsing, video chats, messaging and so on, it provides forums to connect for emotional needs, friendships or just for information. The pool of members is as diverse as it could ever get and it’s easy to look for what you specifically want in your connection.

#10 OkCupid.com


This dating site is simple and user friendly. It is in fact one of the few sites that lets you see profile pictures with details like name, age and place of residence without having to register first. The user interface is self-explanatory and nice looking. You don’t have to pay even to interact with people on OkCupid.com. One can view whether the members are online or away and make instant contact. The basic service is free of cost, but if one requires access to full functionality of the site, a small fee is asked for. This is not a problem as singles who are happy with the basic service can enjoy them for free. The members are not just Japanese but there is a good mix of non-Asians as well, which means that the site is popular outside of Japan too. It is linked to Facebook. Twitter and Instagram which makes it even more attractive to the Japanese, as Instagram and Twitter have huge number of participants in Japan. Needless to mention, this awesome dating site is available on Android and iOS.