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This dating website describes itself as a database of interesting men and women from all over the world. It claims to be the most trusted dating website and is the leading Asian website to date. Its roots began to form 43 years ago, when it started as a picture personals magazine.

It slowly evolved to a website for men and women seeking relationships, fun and romance. Their mission is to provide a safe platform for singles to place their personal ads and meet for fun. Since 1974, CherryBlossoms is proud to say that they have connected about 250,000 couples who are now happily married.

Easy Sign Up

The website’s registration process is quite simple. The first dialogue box to appear upon visiting the website requires you to sign up with your name, email address and password. Clicking on the next page allows you to begin writing up your profile by filling up your location and agreeing to the terms.

After which, you will be lead to the features sign up, where will be encoding your racial profile and distinct physical features. It is quite extensive but the website aims to provide the most comprehensive database of men and women. You don’t need to encode your credit card details at this point.

The whole sign up process is actually free-of-charge. Upon accomplishing all boxes and ticking in the understanding the terms of service, you will be led to the main homepage of the website.

Top Features

  • Full Service Visa Support
  • Cherry Blossoms offers assistance with your Visa. The services offered to its members are Fiancee Visa K1, Adjustment of Status, and Spousal Visa. For the Fiancee Visa K1, Cherry Blossoms will make it smooth sailing for you.

    For only 159 USD, they will be collecting all the needed information from the couple, they will fill up the forms for you and they will fill out all application forms on your behalf, getting it all right the first time.

    Once accomplished and ensured that the forms have no errors, they will be sending all documents through FEDEX for your signature. Afterwhich, the couple will be directly forwarding all documents to USCIC for their approval.

    Should you be approved by USCIC, you will be required to change your status from K1 or K2 and you will be required to avail your green card. Cherry Blossoms will once again take the effort from your hands and do their thing for only 119 USD.

    Lastly, for 169 USD, The Spousal visa support is also made available by the website. Cherry Blossoms will do the same as to request all your information and have it processed and sent to USCIC for their approval.

  • Credit Card free registration
  • Most online dating websites would require an initial sign up just by registering an account with them. But in, you can sign up anytime you want, free-of-charge.

    Certain features will unavailable but these are all minimal functions. You will still get to enjoy browsing and talking to prospective dating partners.

  • Cherry Blossoms Travel
  • One of the top features of this website is their travel feature wherein they will be recommending top hotels and assist with flight details should you be interested in meeting your dating partner face-to-face. It is a quick travel helper feature and you wouldn’t need to scour the country you’ll travel in that much just for a place to stay.


  • The Panel Notifications style of the website allow for easier browsing as it shows top viewed profiles, most popular profiles and others already in the home page.
  • It has a members online panel which is an easier way to see whom you can talk to immediately and not have to go to each profile just to see if they’re online
  • A dedicated technical support team which offers to address all of your website concerns and immediately take action
  • A large database for members to enjoy


  • There have yet to develop a mobile app
  • It’s interface is quite outdated


With a unique feature that enables members to search the web for more profiles, it also ensures that the profile you are seeing or whoever your are being matched with is a legitimate profile of a person. They also have an extra feature that ensures that the profile of each member is not copied from other websites from attempted scammers.

Ease of Use

The website is pretty simple and intuitive. From a basic sign in procedure to the moment of being registered, everything is easy to get acquainted to. The menu is straightforward.

Your free membership starts by sign up and you don't need any verification process. You are immediately allowed to check other member’s profiles with ease in navigating.


  • 1 Month - Full Use Membership is $29.95
  • 3 Months - Full Use Membership is $16.65 per month and is paid for in one payment of $49.95
  • 6 Months - Full Use Membership is $13.33 per month, and is paid for in one payment of $79.95
  • 12 Months - Full Use Membership is $9.99 per month, and is paid for in one payment of $119.95

The Benefits of Having a Subscription

  • Chat by Text
  • Chat by Video
  • Read and Write ​Emails
  • Read and Send Smiles
  • Top 10 Questions
  • Send ​Video Messages
  • $50 Discount on Visa Support


Despite the website showing its age, being quite old and outdated, Cherry Blossoms continue to connect various ethnicities or religious backgrounds making it a diverse common ground for people looking to date.

The site recommends matches for you based on your profile and specifications in virtually any country possible. They will also be able to send you daily mails in case you can’t be online.

Its visa support offering is a plus especially when your true love is situated half way around the world.

Though needing a fresh look on their website, it is easy to understand why Cherry Blossoms, despite its age, is still one of the top dating websites there is. It is simple, easy-to-navigate and its wide expanse of database is a good ‘come-on’ for all online daters out there.