5 Tips on How to Date an Asian Woman

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There are many different things to take into account when you are dating an Asian woman. Just like any culture, there are specific things you need to respect and keep in mind. Treat them with total respect, like you would with any other female, but also be mindful of their culture. Other than those two ideas, there are other tips that can help Asian dating become a lot easier and less stressful.

1. Be Yourself

This doesn’t just apply to dating Asian women, but any other women as well. There is literally no reason to act like someone you are not. What will happen is that you will have to keep up this facade whenever you interact with your Asian woman. This will mean that you will never be truly comfortable around them. It is a dangerous game to play that will likely end with you losing, so be careful and don’t try to be someone you aren’t.

2. Don’t be Stereotypical

An extremely important thing to remember is to not be stereotypical. People tend to knock an Asian woman because the particular race has defining features, such as slanted eyes and generally being smaller than most. It is likely they are self conscious about these aspects of themselves, so don’t tell them something stupid like they have tiny eyes, that will get you nowhere. Be respectful and mindful, and the rest will follow.

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3. Just Because they are Asian, doesn’t mean they constantly want to Talk about Asian Topics

Something that should be obvious, doesn’t seem like it is for most people. So many people look at an Asian and think, they must know every Asian language as well as English. This simply isn’t the case. They also don’t want to hear about every Asian thing you interacted with today. Be smart about how you talk when Asian dating. Talk like how you’d like to be talked to.

4. Appreciate their Race

It is one thing to be stereotypical, it is another to be respectful. You will gain brownie points if you show you are genuinely interested in this Asian woman's life. Appreciate her race, and her culture and she will like you for it.

5. Don’t Play with their Feelings

Don’t ever play with an Asian women’s feelings. Or anyone’s emotions. We are all fragile things at heart, we don’t enjoy being played around with. Be respectful towards your Asian women and see how she repays your feelings and trust.