5 Tips For Dating Thai Women

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Thailand is a beautiful and exotic country, with so many wonderful destinations within the country itself. So are the Thai women. There is no doubt that Thai women are some of the world’s most alluring women. However, when it comes to actually dating Thai women, that is a whole another situation. Thai woman need their men to have certain characteristics, whether it’s physical, mental, or emotional, in order to make them happy. Therefore, if you are looking to date Thai women, it is important to know beforehand what you need to prepare for. With keeping that in mind, here are a couple of tips that can help you out when it comes to dating Thai women.

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1. Understand Her Culture

This has to be one of the most important factors before you take the next step in dating Thai women. Learning about her culture is going to prepare you when it comes to courting the women of Thailand. Do a proper research about the country and its history, including its cities and its location on the map of the world. Plus, it won’t hurt to know the time it takes to travel from your country to Thailand.

Furthermore, learn about their food, art, culture, and religion in order to have something you can talk about. Your date will feel special and appreciate your effort to learn about her country.

2. Give Her Respect

Generally, Thai women are placed in a certain adult stereotype thanks to the media, hence they worry about dating foreigners who might judge them for the same reason. Therefore, it is important to not generalize and stereotype Thai women into one category and show them respect. Whenever you do ask a Thai woman out on a date, make sure to be polite. It might take them a few days to give you an answer so be patient. Move on if she appears to be not interested. Thai women prefer to go out for a coffee on a date instead of dinner, if you want to know them better.

3. First Impressions Are Important

Thai women, and every other woman, would want their date to dress up nicely. They want a man who is well-groomed and smells good. It is not all about love and treating her right, even though that is highly important as well. But your appearance will leave a lasting impression on your first date, and might be the deciding factor for a potential second date and so on. Make sure you do not show up in the general foreigner outfit consisting of a tank top and shorts, especially when you date traditional or high-class Thai women.

4. Plan The Date In Advance

The location of your date will be a reflection of how you dress up and how you treat her. Always avoid dating Thai women in clubs and bars, since this might give her the impression that you aren’t making any effort and are degrading her. Therefore, always get to know her before you plan out your date. Ask her for her likes and try to center your date around that.

5. Always Be Genuine With Her

When it comes to dating, it is a custom of the Thai culture that when a woman brings a man home to introduce to her parents, that is the man they expect her to marry. Therefore, if you aren’t planning on settling down anytime soon then make that completely clear before dating a Thai woman. However, if you are lucky enough to find your life partner in a Thai woman, then do meet up with her parents to make your intentions of marrying their daughter absolutely clear.