Thai Dating Tips: Things to Remember When Dating Thai Girls

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Thailand is country known for its tradition, culture and beautiful women. The exotic look of the Thai girls will provide you an out-of-the-world Thai dating experience. For the first timers especially for the foreigners who are planning to visit the country, you should never delve blindly on this activity. There are things that you have to remember in order to make it a satisfying experience.

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Place You Need to Go When You’re Into Thai Dating

Perhaps, one of the biggest mistakes of foreigners who are looking for a Thai Dating experience is that they normally fall on the ‘tourist traps’. In case you are planning to date a Thai girl for a serious relationship, the go-go bars are not your ideal place. The Thais are known to be friendly and warm. This means that finding your dating partner will be easier than you imagine. If you are an intelligent and smart woman, think about the places where you will choose to go. Bookstores, shopping mall, and public parks are the perfect place to find someone to hang out with.

Using a Dating App

The Thai dating landscape is also slowly adapting to the digital trend. Most of them are Tech savvy, so if the idea of talking to a Thai girl on public scares you, you might want to install as dating app on your smart phone. The dating application may lead to different results, so it is advisable to take the necessary precautions before you decide to meet them personally. In case you don’t like dating apps, you can still use your social media accounts to interact and connect with the Thai people.


Things You Should Never Do

One problem that we often encounter with Thai dating is that guys frequently deliver the wrong message. It is highly important to refrain from saying the wrong things. Here are some of them.

  • Avoid Talking about the Taboos- Though it may be interesting to ask your partner about the cultural taboos, such as religions, politics and royal families, it may result to the complete rejection of your dating partner. You should never talk about sensitive topics.
  • Avoid Being Aggressive- There is a thin line between being aggressive and being confident. You need to know that the Thai people are modest people, so you need to be careful when interacting with them.

You should also be aware on the thing you should do when you are into Thai dating. You should choose the perfect place to date that comes with the best tasting food that will delight you both. The place should have the right activity that will make your date exciting and fun. Make sure to avoid the clichés such as movie theatre and restaurants. You need to make this experience refreshing and stimulating.

Most of the guys are a bit worried that their Thai dating partner will find the activities boring. You need to figure out the things that interest her. If he loves soccer, you might want to watch the next soccer event. In case she loves photography, invite her to a place with a lot of photo ops.