5 Tips for Dating South Korean Women

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The Asian culture is unique. The first aspect of the Asian culture that will strike you is how polite and courteous the Asian people are to everyone. This applies to South Koreans and their women. South Korean women are beautiful, this is a fact, and men love beautiful women. However, the average South Korean woman has particular expectations when she meets a suitor. Meet these expectations, and you have a chance of enjoying a dating experience with her. So, this article can be considered as a ‘cheat’ page because I will be discussing some useful tips that can help you get the attention of a beautiful South Korean woman and make her like you.

These ideas will prevent you from making common mistakes that will cause your beautiful friend to start avoiding you. The following tips will help you make a good and long-lasting impression on any South Korean woman you meet.

south korean women

1. Lose weight

If you are slim and good looking you have more chances of dating a South Korean woman. They like their men slim rather than chubby and huge. So if you are quite chubby lose some weight, and she will consider your advances.

2. Be Direct

It is most likely that you do not speak her language and she may not be very good with yours too. So be direct, speak plainly and directly. Tell her how you feel and what you want. Give her a chance to make a decision. If she is not sure about what you want, your approach will be perceived as a waste of her time, and that may be unforgivable.

3. Make her feel comfortable

If you have good South Korean friends make sure, she knows about them or meets them. The fact that you have good friends who are South Korean will make her feel more comfortable with you. This is the best way to break the “talking to a stranger’ barrier.

4. Look fashionable

You cannot date a South Korean lady looking unkempt and improperly dressed. The Asian culture is known for order, neatness, and creativity. Your South Korean friend will appreciate a good looking neatly dressed suitor who hair is properly styled and smells nice.

5. Impress her with affection

South Korean women like all other Asians are polite and seemingly reserved. You may not be sure about what she likes and how to impress her but try your possible best. Study your friend. Find out what makes her smile, her desires, and hobbies. If you can make her feel happy in your presence, you have won her heart.

It is important that you impress your South Korean lady because dating her will depend on her willingness to encourage her family to accept you. Typically, she is expected to fall in love with a South Korean man, but there you are in the picture. So you have to make it worth her while. Look good, be nice, make her happy and she will have more reasons to break the ‘stereotype.’